I spent the past few weeks working very hard to prepare my lab for important upcoming deadlines. After the long hours were over, I decided to leave my current position. However, I will be reviewing all papers I co-authored as they continue to move through the publishing pipeline. I am co-author on a paper that the lab is set to submit to ICRA 2018, which will be on multi-task learning of behavioral modes in autonomous driving. Another paper I am co-author on will be submitted to ICLR 2018, whose deadline is a bit further out. That paper will be on my work on autonomous driving with SqueezeNet and LSTMs.

In the mean time, I have formed a consulting firm, Tarada Consulting, LLC, through which I will be doing deep learning consulting. I have a number of projects in the works, though I may not be able to discuss some of them here due to their confidentiality. I will be sure to detail any projects I do that are not encumbered by NDAs or other confidentiality requirements.